Celebrating the lives of Tim and Cheryl…


A message from Terry . . .

Cheryl and Tim treasured their family and friends and enjoyed life to the fullest. There will be a celebration to honor them, as they would have wanted, with stories, memories, music, and laughter on the afternoon of Sunday, August 4th at Inglewood Country Club. We will also be rejoicing in the remarkable journeys to recovery of those dearest to them—Jessie, Jaime and Steven, and Jeremy.

More information about the celebration will be available in June. In the meantime, we do hope that everyone will share their thoughts and memories on the Messages about Tim and Cheryl page of the blog to help capture Cheryl and Tim’s amazing legacy.

Easter 2013 Kids


6 thoughts on “Celebrating the lives of Tim and Cheryl…

  1. Thank you, Terry and Christy for getting this out. I have been wondering when the special day would be and so hoped that we wouldn’t be out of town for some reason. The calendar is clear right now, and we will mark August 4th and save the time for remembering our beautiful young friends, Tim and Cheryl. God bless you all and their memory. Sharon Pakkala

  2. Unfortunately I never met Tim and Cheryl, but I can only image what kind of parents they were. These kids are the strongest people I’ve known. They are all determined to recover and carry on the legacy left by their parents. I really admire Tim and Cheryl. God bless.

  3. If they raised Jessie, and they did, I’m all in…,remarkable, centered, focused, loving….pretty sure heaven is enjoying them both!

  4. I’m so very upset. I will be in the Seattle/Kirkland area but not until 16 Aug. Please know that I send much love and many hugs to this entire family. I miss Cheryl every day and even though we hadn’t seen each other in years, I always knew she was there!

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