Keep checking in for a big blog post coming soon!


All of us plus Aunt Terry & two of my mom’s best friends, Sheri and Carla


6 thoughts on “Photos!!

  1. Aunt Terry – few words but a heart full of admiration for you as a person, as support, as one AMAZING Aunt!

  2. It was very special to spend time with all of you…especially with your Aunt Terry! Sheri and I enjoyed stealing her away and spoiling her for a day! Jessie, what color is your Theraband this week? Orange? dare I say Red? –Love to you all! Carla

  3. LOVE THE SMILES AND TOGETHERNESS. your smiles and determination inspire everyone, family, nieces, nephews in Canada. So grateful to everyone who’s there for you. LOVE YOU LOTS!!! MOMMA MAYER

  4. My vote goes to Aunt Terry as well! I know she is secretly taking good care of everyone! I am glad someone was able to steal her away and spoil her for a day. I wish you all the very best in your recovery. You’re very inspiring and you’re a reminder for me to not take life or the people around me for granted each and every day! You all have been through far more than anyone should have to go through, and I pray you will all be able to walk again! Hang in there!

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