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Story about my siblings and I.

I do believe that they said they would do a shorter morning version of the story too. . So if you are interested get your DVR’s ready!

This weekend is a toughie for us, but we had fun activities planned. Jeremy is home and we went to Teatro ZinZanni last night, and we went to play with Toby today. I’m not sure I have the words or the feelings to describe the ache but we are together and are bonded in our hearts. We all know that a mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human to do the impossible.

A few years back. My mom got the kids together and told us that she had breast cancer. She said that she had a mammogram and that it was a small lump and they caught it early. We were horrified and scared. She told us that we could tell whomever we want – but we were only allowed to tell the happy version: that it was small, that they caught it early, that it wasn’t a big deal, and that she was fine! She didn’t want a fuss, and she would not allow any of us to feel sorry for her, or that she was some sad story. So what I’m getting at is that this Mother’s Day, we need to tell the happy story. That my mother loved her three children more than her heart would allow, that she is brave and strong, that her children have grown up perfect in their own way, and that her babies think she is the most amazing person… She is so much more… But I just can’t yet… Too hard…

There is a happy story and my mom would need to know that that is the one being told.

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men – from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I want to sincerely wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day. You are a gift and are appreciated by more than just your children.

17 thoughts on “Reminder!

  1. I love you, Jessie. Thank you for the perfect tribute to your amazing mother. She loved you all so much.

  2. I’ve thought of your mom today too, and of you remembering her. She WAS an amazing person, and she did love you more than you can imagine. I think we can all see her and your dad in the three of you, and your presence in life. It’s true, mothers are appreciated by more than just their children. I’m glad all of you are together this weekend, and that Steven is now home. (BTW, I got a good laugh out of your version of the Mayers’ “day.” No worries, it was clearly through your filter!)

    • Jessie, what a beautiful tribute you’ve shared about your amazing Mom. I knew her only briefly but experienced her huge spirit and kind and generous nature. You are certainly like her, my dear!!!
      I read earlier that you may be coming to Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO. I would be honored to be available for you at any time while you are here. Craig is only about 10 -15 minutes from our house and an easy drive depending on traffic. I know Craig to be an amazing place to rehab and I know that with your grit, you will benefit immensely. Let me know if and when you may come to Colorado and I will be certain to assist you in whatever way I can.
      Fondly, Ann Peery

  3. Dear Jessie, Yours is one the most beautiful tributes to a mom that I have seen. Yes, your Mom was an amazing lady, and is still so in many of our minds. You were so blessed to have had her. I thank God that she had such an impact on all your lives! She would be so proud of the progress that all of her kids have made! I had a wonderful phone visit with your Grandma Katy, and we will have lunch together this coming Wednesday. Love, Sharon Pakkala

  4. Jess, your mom was an amazing women and your dad an amazing man. They both were such happy people and eager to share updates on “the family” whenever we would run into them. They were so proud of you guys. You continue to honor them with your incredible strength, hard work, love for each other and those around you. We can only imagine how difficult this must be for all of you. We continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Patty O.

  5. What a wonderful tribute you, Jaime and Jeremy are to your mom (and dad)! I just watched the story in KOMO, and you and Jaime were both so poised and gracious. Your parents are very proud of you! Prayers for all of you continue… Love from all the Smiths

  6. I have been thinking of you guys this weekend knowing that Mother’s Day would be so hard to get through. Jessie, you are so, so very brave – and your mom is so, so correct that you must find the “happy story” in the midst of sad news and tragedy. As hard as it is to believe, there is a “happy story” to be told. One, your mother and father raised you all to be incredible, strong, and amazing human beings! As a mother, I would wish for my children to be just like you – survivors, to have the guts and strength it takes to overcome life’s hardest challenges. You are doing the things your mom would want you to do – to get up each day, as hard as that is, and to FIGHT, and PUSH, and WORK for each day to be better than the one before it. Two, you have each other and you are not alone. That would be my wish as a mother that my kids would have each other to lean on, to share memories, and to be a family. Third, I would hope that extended family and friends would be there for my kids too, to surround them with the love and support that they need and deserve. Your mom and dad did not leave you alone as it is through their bonds of friendship and kindness that the same comes back to you. The “happy story” to be told is that you all are living proof that your mom and dad were incredible parents, family, friends, community members, and human beings.

    Of course, there is still a lot of sadness without your mom on Mother’s Day. I lost my mom over a year ago and even though I had her until her 80th birthday, which does not compare to your losing your mom way too soon, nonetheless, there is a hole in my heart without her. I can’t imagine how big the hole in your hearts must be – especially today. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. All I can do is send hugs across the miles and reassurance that you all are in our thoughts on a daily basis. Know that you are making your mom so very proud. All moms want at the end of the day is to raise children who will become amazing adults – and that has been accomplished with all of you, and then some. Find the good, the hope, and the “happy” as much as you can as that is what your mom would want! You remain in our thoughts and prayers. With Aloha, The Miyashiro’s

  7. Dear Jessie, Thank you for your mother’s day message. I cannot tell you how often I think of your family, every holiday especially as it is a first for you and the other children of what I have come to learn through lovetheowens was an exceptional set of parents. Your path has been inexplicably changed but you all have shown (shone!!) such grace and courage in wending your way. It is Jeremy I think about most as I feel like maybe I was somehow chosen to be there on that day to console/hold/encourage, I did all of those things the best I could, some things are game changers in how we view ourselves in the larger scheme of things. I/we (husband Mike) have come to know you all through the blog, it’s truly inspirational, thank you for letting us into your life. Love, Karen & Mike Karen Petersen Office of Kimberly Doughty Farmers Insurance 125 N Olympic Ave Arlington, WA 98223-1335 360-474-1100 (Office) 360-474-1166 (Fax)

  8. Jessie and All — When I get ready to reply to you, I feel so inadequate to express my thoughts and feelings. As you probably already know, Mardie Holden and I worked with your Mom but our connections were so much more than our work. I was thinking about you yesterday also — I guess all Moms that knew yours couldn’t help but do that. I can’t imagine how heart breaking these “anniversaries” are but know that we will never forget and never stop supporting you all.

  9. Awwww…. Jess, your words mean more than you can ever know. You are strong just like your momma was. You will carry on and some day… teach your children what your parents taught you. I love you girl. Geri.

  10. Hey Jessie… It was great to meet you yesterday! Hopefully you got a chance to talk to the guy from Craig, sorry I caused a traffic jam! Anyways, you have my number, so If I can ever help in any way, let me know.

  11. Jess, your happy version of the story had me sobbing but smiling. I thought of your family all day on Mother’s Day and the thought that kept coming back to me was, I would give my life every day, over and over to save my kids, to give them the chance at a long and beautiful life and this is how I think of this tragedy. Your mom and dad gave their lives to save all of you kids, so you could live out their legacy and have long and beautiful lives. We all know that awesomeness lies ahead of you all and again and again and again, we are right behind you all cheering for you, praying for you and sending so much love. Love you lady.

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