Rock for Love Fundraiser Update

Update and reminder about the first of two upcoming fundraisers for Jessie.  The Rock for Love Benefit Concert is fast approaching on Friday, June 14th at the Northshore Senior Center.  Details on the event can be found here.  Buy tickets here.

A note from the event organizers:

If you are planning to attend the ROCK FOR LOVE Benefit Concert, please, PLEASE buy your tickets NOW!  Ticket sales have been slower than we’d like to see.  We know there are individuals who have said they’ll be there as volunteers or guests that haven’t purchased their tickets. We have had an amazingly generous man donate all the food for the evening.  We need to be able to give him an accurate count of attendees.  We also want to discourage buying tickets at the door, as we will not be equipped to take credit cards.  Also, t-shirts will not be sold at the concert.  Below is an example of the t-shirt logo – except that the Rock for Love is in lime green, same color as Jessie’s name.

I know everyone wants to see this work for Jessie.  The outpouring of love and help for this event has been amazing.  Life gets busy and things get put on the back burner [We know that!].  But please help us by purchasing your tickets ASAP.  Please help to spread the word.
Rock for Love t-shirt logo.jpg

We really appreciate your continued support.
In the spirit of Jessie— ‘Keep on keeping on!’

Kim Sheets P: 206.930.7203 | Kim Millikin P: 206.683.7573
Co-Chairs, ‘Rock for Love’ Jessie Owen Benefit Concert, June 14, 2013

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