Daddy, Pop, Pappy, Dada, & Dad

In our house it was my dad who took the kids out in the evenings to find ladybugs and worms along our neighborhood trail. It was my dad who scooped us up from the bath with a towel and carried us around like a stork delivering a baby.

First time together as a family

First time together as a family

Dad was the fingernail cutter in our house. He would clip off almost all of the nail but leave a little bit attached so that we could pick the last bit off ourselves. In our house daddy was the joke player, so you better be on the lookout all the time!


Bath, books, and bed

Daddy taught us to put glue on our hands so we could peel it off slowly, how to ride a bike without training wheels, and that working hard at something will make you a better person.

In second grade my dad took me out to breakfast every Friday morning to study my spelling words at the Clearview Café. I would order four pieces bacon and he would order eggs and toast. He would drive me to school, give me a kiss, and say good luck sweetie work hard.scan0079

All three of us got to be a coaches kid growing up. The rule in our house was that the coaches kid needed to be the first one there, the last one to leave, and the hardest worker. The coaches kid got no special treatment. There was a time when my dad was coaching fastpitch practice at Kokanee Elementary and no assistant coaches could make it that day.

Typical Jessie moment - and DAD!

Typical Jessie moment – and DAD!

On accident… And I stress that this was an accident! I hit my brother in the eye with a baseball bat. My dad was alone with 14 nine-year-old girls and his four-year-old son. He found the first aid kit, cracked open an ice pack, and propped my brother up against the fence until practice was over. As we packed up the van he scooped my brother up, gave him a kiss, and told him how proud of him he was.


In our household both parents were always present at every soccer game, softball game, wrestling match, basketball game, football game, crew meet, and horse show. scan0065When taking Jessie to any of these events it meant taking two cars because if her team lost there was not one person on earth who could bear the car ride home with her. Daddy was the one who always drew the short stick and listened to her meltdown all the way home.

Dad was the one who took you to the emergency room when you cut your finger off, dad was the one to teach you to drive, to change a tire, and how to shoot a gun. At 58 years old my dad kicked our butts in a game of badminton, though I will deny it to anyone who repeats that!


Dad always encouraged us to try new things, to have an adventure, to be wild, to be proud, and to work hard.

So how can I live a life worthy of his legacy? If I can be as kind and generous and as bad ass as my dad, I think that will be a start.

So happy Father’s Day to my mentor and inspiration, my coach, my perspicaciously witty, and relentlessly hard-working father. I love you, we all love you.

I will always be my daddy's girl

I will always be my daddy’s girl


21 thoughts on “Daddy, Pop, Pappy, Dada, & Dad

  1. Happy Father’s Day Tim! We all looked up to you, you made us all work hard and be better at what we were doing! You will be insanely missed. Jess, great message, great memories, beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this day. We love you lady!

  2. Brought on the tears again, wow can you write from the heart. A very beautiful Father’s Day tribute to your dad. Thank you for sharing some of the most precious memories and pictures with us all.

    It was great seeing you Friday night Jess. Keep on keeping on…..

  3. You ARE your father’s daughter … and you write like your mother! WOWEE, what a combination!
    Love you, Jessie

  4. You have a way with words girl!!! Have you ever considered being a writer? It sounds like your Dad was an amazing person and you are living proof because you are a mentor, bad ass and witty:)

  5. Jessie, your Dad always was and still is so incredibly proud of you. And for good reason! You are fully capable of carrying on his (and your Mom’s) amazing legacy. I know this is a very difficult day for you and my thoughts and prayers are with each one of you, as they are each and every day. Love always, Kathryn

  6. Oh Jessie, this is beautiful. I knew this would be a tough day for you, and I’ve been thinking about you and your entire family all day. I am certain you are definitely living a life worthy of his legacy, and he is so proud of you. My heart is with you. Hugs! Amanda Martinka

  7. Awe… So beautifully written Jess!! I was your nanny when your dad took you to the clear view cafe!! I remember those days <3.. He was an excellent father and truly lived all you kids.. He's smiling and shining his love over you all. What a nice tribute to him. xoxo

  8. Great words about the best kind of Dad. I had so much respect for him. He is incredibly proud of you Jessie! We all are.

  9. Jessie, that is a very loving and beautiful tribute to your father. Thank you for sharing. I know your parents are incredibly proud of you.

  10. Jessie!!!! what a fabulous story about your dad! I loved all your pictures when you were growing up! I have been thinking about you all day as well as Mother’s Day and for that matter every day. You are always in my thoughts and I can’t wait to see you back at Frank Love. Your parents were so amazing Jess and you are just like them. I love you girl and thinking about you! Love ya, Lori

  11. I can only imagine how proud both your mom and dad would be of all of you. Kara and Kyler both had the privilege of having your dad as a soccer coach… He had everything to do with their love of soccer. Your dad even went the extra mile to find a great coach to replace himself when Jeremy decided to move on to football!

  12. Very beautiful Jessie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about your dad.
    I also really enjoyed meeting you and getting a chance to visit with you for a few minutes on Friday. You looked great and you made quite an impression on me as I watched you greeting and listening to everyone that wanted to talk with you and share their own stories. We were there for you, but it seemed like you were making a difference for us.

  13. Beautiful post about your dad. I didn’t realize how many things we had in common after both losing our dads in the last 6 months. So hard to spend the day without such great men in our lives. Its funny, I too was the coaches son, first to practice and last to leave. He taught us how to drive, how to fish, how to do so many things that make it challenging to think how to lead a life worth his legacy. (or in your terms as generous and bad ass), I like that method. Thank you for your post and may God comfort you in the memories that you will forever hold onto your parents memories as you live life.

  14. Jessie, you and your siblings were in my thoughts on Father’s Day. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt, terrific tribute to your daddy. He and your mom were so proud of all of you. You all continue to amaze and inspire me. I love you!

  15. Dearest Jessie, I have just found and read your piece about your Dad at Father’s Day time. At that time we were in Finland and spent over a month in Northern Europe. Here it is early November and as I am cleaning out my inbox I found this beautiful piece you wrote about your Dad. He truly wasa special man! My love and prayers for all of you. Big Hugs, Mrs. Pakkala

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