Crazy Week

It has been over a week since that magical Friday night! The Rock for Love concert was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen, or felt in my life. I was so incredibly touched by everything, and what everyone did for my family and me that night! I have so many more words, and so much more praise for the evening that has boosted my confidence, and touched my heart more than I can explain. So what I would like to do is have you send me the photos, and videos that you took that night, and with your permission I would love to make a little montage to imprint this memory forever. After I collect all these treasures, I will spill my heart out to you about the gratitude that I feel for my genuinely selfless, dedicated, and loving community.

In all fairness, I had a crazy busy week! So… That is why I couldn’t blog… Excuses, excuses :-). The Sunday after Rock for Love was Father’s Day, and we went to my grandmother’s house and had deliciously salty Chinese food! It was a fun day and I feel like we did the right thing for our family.

Monday, my hard-working, and kind sixth graders had their promotion ceremony. I went to school to be there with them, as I still feel like I am their teacher. It was a beautiful promotion and it was nice to see these kiddos get ready to move on to junior high. Let me also note that every day of the week I am doing therapy before or after each of my events!

Tuesday I attended the sixth grade party at Lynwood Bowl and Skate! I would like to say that I got my skate on… But sadly I did not, I just sat and watched flexible, young, and not exactly agile kids fall on their face while skating around the rink. That evening I went to Golden Gardens and had a little picnic dinner on the beach! We stayed out late but it was such a beautiful evening that it seemed like a waste spend it inside! There’s something about the boats, the water, and the pristine sky that is relaxing and incredibly mysterious to me. The universe is vast and although we know some things about it, it is one of our biggest mysteries as humans. We are small and tiny, but we are not insignificant. We can live our lives in a way that enriches others, and fills our hearts with happiness. Tuesday evening was a great joy for me!

Wednesday, was the last day of school and I wanted to be there for the assembly. One of my major goals was to walk through the gym, sit on a regular chair, and walked out of the gym by the last day of school. And I’m really proud to say, that I did it! It was not easy to get there. I spent hours practicing how to get out of a chair, how to use a walker, and trying to get my booty to land in precisely the right spot! My trainers at Pushing Boundaries really helped me achieve this goal by pushing me to do it over and over and over again.

Here is a clip of my brilliant, beautiful and ever supportive principal talking to our school at the assembly on Wednesday.

Thursday, I wanted to go to my friends softball game. So we loaded up the van and headed to the field just to find that it was rained out. If you remember on Thursday, that was the day rain just dumped from the sky. Not to be deterred from having a good time, we went to a bar and had dinner and drinks. It turned out to be quite a late-night! We found ourselves ordering totachos… Which is exactly what it sounds like, nachos on tater tots! I think I outdid myself as I proceeded to shove tot after tot down my throat!

Friday, my buddies and I went to a little martini bar at the Northgate Mall and had dinner and drinks while we watched the Mariners choke another game! Those boys have got to get it together! Go M’s!

Saturday I went to the Fremont Solstice Parade… Among the top five Seattle people watching events! I saw my fair share of naked individuals! If you are not familiar with this particular parade I will give you a short background. Wikipedia explains it as ”
famous for its wild and creative floats and ensembles and for the
Solstice Cyclists, who strip down before the parade and paint their bodies,who unofficially start the parade every year”. It was hot, crowded, and a complete blast! I had such a good time! I did not take my power chair, so my friend had to push me around Fremont. But I don’t think he minded, it was quite a good workout! After the parade I went to a friends house and celebrated a birthday party in her backyard. It was absolutely perfect! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer! And for my party girls out there, I want you to know that I played a few rounds of boat races or as some of you know it flip cup. We stayed out late, danced, and enjoyed each other’s company! Being out with my friends in a backyard, and having a little barbecue makes me feel normal. You should know that I struggle with many simple things, squeezing the toothpaste bottle, getting over bumpy ground, opening doors, and one of my most serious problems right now… Is doing my damn hair! It drives me nuts that my arms can’t reach every part of my head and that my fingers are not nimble enough to put a clip in or tie a ponytail. If anyone has any great solutions to this I would love to hear it! I am all ears! 988629_10100838632231353_1792592321_nBut what I’m saying is that in the presence of these wonderful people it is easy to forget that I currently cannot do as much as them!. I’m lucky to have people in my life that one, can look past the chair and the choppy movements I have and two, simply help me out when I need it without a second thought. As much tragedy as I have experienced lately, the loss of my parents, the loss of my independence, the loss of my home, and the loss of my body, I still consider myself a lucky woman.

Now, here I am on Sunday updating you about my crazy busy week! I am enjoying the chaos, and not letting this injury get in the way of all the fun that is out there to experience!

I’m really looking forward to all the pictures and videos from the concert! Send them my way so that we can do blog justice to this event!

If you have not already RSVPed to the memorial in August here is the link that you need.

Keep on keeping on!


9 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. Wow, that is a crazy week! Love your attitude, lady… I think it’s important to realize that we should be grateful for the blessings we have, regardless of our injuries and/or situations.

  2. Great post, girl! It’s awesome that you’re out there keeping so busy! What a great week! I went to the Aquasox game on Saturday. I’ll always remember when you were Webbly. 🙂

  3. Jessie, a busy life is a happy life…and you’re definitely living it! I am so proud of you that you’re continuing your hard work at Pushing Boundaries AND being a social butterfly! Keep up the good work! I love you!

  4. Hi Jessie! Thanks so much for the awesome updates. Your Fathers Day tribute was amazing. I am almost certain you won’t take my “tips” on hairstyling but I do have to say that getting dreadlocks was one of the easiest ways to manage my hair. And even easier was when I shaved them off and went completely bald. My hair is finally pixie cut phase right now and its working wonderfully and very low maintenance. You have BEAUTIFUL hair so I’m sure you won’t change it but just giving you my honest advice on easy-to-manage hair. I cant wait to see you in August. Your family is still in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Have a great summer : )

  5. It was so wonderful to have you at all of those events. Our kiddos missed you so much. It really gave their last week an extra excitement boost. 🙂 I am so proud of your progress and I can’t wait to see/read how you attain your next set of goals. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you are using a walker so often. Way to go! Where are you living these days? Are you living with someone or at the rehab place still?

  7. Hey this is Katy, nurse on the trauma ICU that took care of you. I am sooooo happy and proud and words can’t express, wow. You are an inspiration, keep up the good work!!!!!!!

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