Walk A Mile In My Shoes

I need to share with you just how important my therapy at Pushing Boundaries has been to me. Many times I have wondered how I would spend my days without it. Frequently people with paralysis can’t work, and to state the obvious…going to the gym ends up being quite difficult. I remember laying in my bed at Harborview wondering what life was going to be like when I left. At that point I still couldn’t feed myself, take care of myself, or really even move. What was going to happen to me when I didn’t have the rigorous schedule of Harborview’s highly skilled therapists? Who was going to teach me how to live? Who would even be willing to work with me? The only way to get me from point A to point B was to physically pick me up and move me there. I remained confident in my ability to get better but I was fiercely aware of just how much people around me needed to help. I remember the very first day at therapy. I thought I was going in for a tour but five minutes in we started to work! They asked a lot of questions about what I could do and I told them that I had not been able to stand yet. Disregarding any nerves or any doubts that I had, that first day they stood me on my feet and showed me that I could not only do more than I thought, but showed me that getting a life back was possible. Pushing Boundaries has healed me physically, mentally, and has given me the strength to go on and keep pushing. They believe in me!

Next week they’re doing their annual fundraiser. There are an estimated 70,000 people in the Seattle area who live with some form of paralysis. Since 2005 Pushing Boundaries has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier intensive exercise based recovery center for people with paralysis. Clients commit many hours a week to strengthen their bodies to regain movement and increase independence. By participating in Walk a Mile in My Shoes for just one week, each mile you walk will directly support those who can’t but are working hard to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Your dedication and fundraising efforts will help ensure that they can provide the physical and emotional support needed for clients on their journey to recovery.

There are two ways that you can help.

1. You can sponsor me for every thousand steps I take in a day. The actual fundraiser asks for people to pledge per mile but since I usually walk less than half a mile a day, that seemed kind of impractical. Currently I take about 4000 steps a day. So if you pledge $5 for every thousand steps that would mean you would donate $20 for that day. I will be tracking my steps for 5 days. If you would like to do this, please fill out the form below to add your pledge per thousand steps. I have been wearing a little pedometer and each day I will post the amount of steps that I take.

2. You can make a one-time donation. Fill out the form below and select flat pledge.

3. Join our team! Register at this link and get people at your work, school, and neighborhood to pledge your walking!  It is important when you register to say that your team name is the “Wounded Walkers”! That is the team I am on, and we want to win! http://www.planetreg.com/E417132018169731

 After the event, I will tell you how many steps I walked and collect your contribution. Make checks payable to Pushing Boundaries. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Sponsors are encouraged to fulfill pledges by 7/31/13.

You can mail checks to:

Care of Pushing Boundaries

2020 Maltby Rd, PMB 298

Bothell, WA, 98021

Thank you so much and we will all get our walk on starting July 13th through the 19th!!

3 thoughts on “Walk A Mile In My Shoes

  1. Jessie, I want to mail a check to Pushing Boundries for your team but the zip code is missing a number. I think Bothell is 98026–correct?

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