So much chaos!

Well, I have a lot to update! I will see if I can do this in some type of logical manner, but I wouldn’t count on it, and I’m certainly not going to go back and proofread! ๐Ÿ™‚ So best of luck to all of you!

First, I did not get a whole lot of pictures from the Rock For Love event. So I’m putting it out one more time, if you have pictures send them to this address: Whether I have 2 or 200 I will put them up next week.

Second, the Lawn Olympics was so exceptionally fun, and so incredibly successful! I want to thank everyone that helped tphoto(4)o put this event together. I know how much work goes into planning an event like this. We had live music, games, yummy food, and a huge array of silent auction prizes!ย  ImageThank you to those who donated, I might venture to say that you have made more than just me a happy camper. We sat in the sun, had a chance to catch up with old friends and teachers, and chased around the little toddlers. I even managed to get a sweet sunburn on my calves. I was wearing capris so now I have a nice thick block of sunburn between my middle calf and ankle. Well done Jessie. I’m so touched by all of you. You should know that events like this bring me so much strength and truly warm my heart.

You may also be wondering about the Pushing Boundaries fundraiser, Walk A Mile. ย Well, I am pretty embarrassed to say, my pedometer broke! I was so incredibly bummed and thought about ways to cheat all week long! I mean, I ย could totally estimate the amount of steps I tookโ€ฆ but, my guilt has gotten to me so I’ll post the silly numbers that I came up with…Poop.

Saturday, July 13 โ€“ 22 steps

Sunday, July 14 โ€“ 625 steps

Monday, July 15 โ€“ 1587 steps

Tuesday, July 16 โ€“ 216 steps

Wednesday, July 17 โ€“ 120 steps

Thursday, July 18 โ€“ 57 steps

Friday, July 19 โ€“ 984 steps

I need you to know that these numbers are lies! It kills me! Especially the one on Thursday, July 18th. That day I had an Ortho appointment and I had a goal to walk into Harborview, walk to the x-rays, walk into the exam room, and then haul my butt out to the car! And I did it! Let me assure you, that it took me well over 57 steps! It takes me 57 steps to get from my bed to the bathroom! Clearly, I’m not bitter over this. There is always next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you to those of you who did donate!

On a slightly more business note, two of the three of us got sour news from the Ortho. We went to check the progress of our femurs healing. Steven got the winning lotto ticket and is good to go! Unfortunately, Jaime and I are battling something they call nonunion; because the bones went through the skin and shattered into quite a lot of pieces there just wasn’t adequate blood flow to repair asked the surgeon if they could just caulk the space between the bones. He was not particularly amused, but knew what I was talking about. The answer was no, we have to have surgery in the upcoming months. He related it to a paperclip bending back and forth. The metal rod in our femur is okay for the moment, but in the future it will snap if we don’t fix it. So they will go in, drill a larger hole, and put a bigger rod in. Hoping that the bone will heal around it. He says that we should be up and weight-bearing the next day, but I’m anticipating that Jaime and I might be a little crabby that day, or week after. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next on the list of good things to talk about is my departure from Kindred! Peace out! After almost 4 months in a skilled nursing facility I have finally left. Let me remind you how I came

This is how I left! I walked my butt out of there!


I met many great people, and I’m so thankful for the wonderful things that they have done for me. I will be eternally grateful for the kindness that the staff has shown me. However, I am happy to leave and be on the next step in my journey. I will be at Harborview for the next couple of weeks doing my second stint of rehab. Here, I will continue to get some of the best care in the country and learn how to be more independent! I really am excited!

Being back here reminds me of just how far I have come. On a day-to-day basis I don’t see the improvements that I make. All I see is the frustration of not being able to button, or reach something, or get my pants up over my booty! But here I am reminded that when I first arrived seven months ago I could not move anything but my head. I couldn’t feel my legs, or my arms, and certainly was unable to do anything for myself. I remember telling the staff here that I was going to walk. I think they had a hard time believing me at first, at the time I could not see why they would doubt. Looking back, I now see that it was such a long shot for me to get this far! Spinal cord injuries, or paralysis is permanent. Think Christopher Reeves. There are no cures, or pills to take to fix this. Being back at Harborview reminds me that I have really come a very long way. One of the therapist here flattered me by saying I might be in the running for the top miracle patient.

The last thing I want to touch on is the celebration of life. I don’t think any of us can really anticipate the emotions that will course through us on that day. But, I do know that we all want it to be about mom and dad, and not about the accident! So I hope to see you on Sunday to celebrate the two most wonderful people I have ever met!

Keep on keeping on, and kicking ass!


9 thoughts on “So much chaos!

  1. Jessie, I am speechless. Your progress is amazing. At the back of your mind, or maybe the front, I know you have your mom and dad tucked away. They are pulling for you and you will see them again someday. Have a great time celebrating them – though I know it will have challenging moments. Hang in there, keep on and kick some ass along the way! Love from your Woodmoor buddy. Marti MacPhee

  2. Well done Jess. Love the pictures of you entering and exiting Kindred Care. All your hard work has definitely paid off. Sorry about you and Jaime both needing to go back in to repair femurs. Sure this was not the news you wanted but know you both will get thru this like everything else. As you say, keep on keeping on!

  3. Wow! Can’t wait to see you back in your classroom! Amazing journey and a true testament to your faith and spirit, miracle indeed!

  4. You are so beautiful Jessie! Congratulations on all your hard work and progress. Its truly amazing. I also want to say congrats to Steven for his healed femur! I cannot wait to see you at the celebration of life. Keep up the good work!

  5. You go, Jess. You’re a phenomenal inspiration to the wienies like me who complain about getting out of bed in the morning… I sincerely hope you’re keeping all your notes so this story can be told through your extraordinary eyes — in a best-selling opus on bookshelves around the world. Thanks.

  6. A-ma-zing!!!!!! I am sitting at the dinner table crying over the pictures of you WALKING out of Kindred- wow!!!! I can’t wait to forward your post to my family and friends around the country! You. Are. Incredible.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ jess van deusen
    Ps continuing prayers for you and Jaime’s leg bones to fully cooperate and heal!

  7. Jessie, you are absolutely amazing! Keep on keeping on and kicking ass. Thoughts and prayers daily for you! xoxo

  8. You sure do inspire me! I know I haven’t seen or talked to you in ages, but I follow your updates when I can… I have been so busy with starting ER residency in Las Vegas so I don’t have a lot of free time… Well any really… But sometimes we see so much sickness and tragedy it makes me want to see your posts and cheer up my day ๐Ÿ™‚ you are truly amazing and I’m so proud of you! Thanks for the occasional spirit lift!!

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