Last Friday night was such a huge honor for all of us Owen kids. The Bothell High School football team made us honorary captains for their homecoming game. It was such a touching gesture.


It was so fun to see all our friends, family, and coworkers cheering on the Bothell blue. It is so easy to see why we have such a strong community. All night we recognized the people we have grown up with and have made an impact on our lives.photo(12) These games have such a fun atmosphere.The student section is beyond loud, the band is huge and fantastic, and the traditions that began 14 years ago with Coach Tom Bainter are still playing out.photo(13)

 IMG_4683When the Bothell captains came out they came to Jaime, Jeremy, and me and shook our hands and said “we’re with you, you are in our hearts, and we have your backs one hundred percent. You are one of us.” It was really poignant, and I totally did NOT get a little teary. These football gentlemen come into this program as boys and so very clearly leave as men: Men with honor, with integrity, and men with leadership.IMG_4688

Jaime and I got to ride out on the cart while Jeremy held hands with the captains as we went out for the coin toss. We watched the officials do their little spiel and then we headed off to watch Bothell absolutely dominate the game!IMG_4714

The real sparkle of the night though was watching my brother. Jeremy so easily fits right back into this community. This was for him. I think it is easy to look over him in  all the bad things that have happened this year, but he is grieving very much too, and it was a nice way to honor him. 14638_1125609755308_5327343_n(2)Jeremy was on the sidelines the whole night photo_4high-fiving, shaking hands, hugging, then laughing with every player, coach, and buddy in the stadium. I think the reason Jeremy likes football so much, and specifically Bothell football, is because it was during these moments that he decided the person that he is going to be. Other than my fatherphoto(11), I might venture to say that Jeremy’s coach, Tom Bainter is the most influential man in his life. Jeremy really did sparkle that night, and it was so nice to see him so very happy!

Thank you Bothell! We are so lucky to have you, and we are so honored that you would include us in such a wonderful tradition!IMG_4670




We love Bothell!  This community has been so incredibly supportive of the whole family and we appreciate it so very much.  Jessie, Jaime, and Jeremy all graduated from Bothell High and they will be attending the Homecoming Game on Friday night.  Steven too!  Come by and say hi.  Go Big Blue!