Address Please!

Well, in true Owen fashion our Christmas card is going to be more like a New Year’s card. In fact, I remember one year our Christmas card was actually more of a Valentine’s Day update 🙂

My mother had one of those huge daytime planners with everyone’s address dating back to I’m sure what was the Stone Age. She never let that thing out of her sight. In fact, I remember when she was writing her dissertation for her PhD she said that if the house was burning down she would grab her floppy disk with the dissertation on it, and her address book. Priorities 🙂 At the time of the accident she unfortunately had this precious gem with her. Everything in the car was unsalvageable so I am missing all of the addresses that my mom worked so tirelessly to save!

I would really love to send you a holiday card this year. If you would be willing to send your address to my personal email I would be very grateful! You should also know, that I am saving mine in a much more technologically safe way!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ugly Sweater Party 2013!

Ugly Sweater Party 2013!


8 thoughts on “Address Please!

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