I know! Too long! But I’ve still got “it”

I know, I know, I know, it is been far too long since I’ve blogged. I do want to keep everyone updated, I guess I was just enjoying a short moment in time where I felt like I may been adapting to what is a “new normal”. To be fair, I am a long way from what I would feel is “settled”, but I’m certainly getting closer!

So! I have so much news to share with you! But I’m thinking that it would be unwise to blow it all in one post, so I will just have to go piece by piece! First of all, you should know that the knee surgery went fantastic! I feel great, my stride is smoother, and my knees don’t crunch when I put weight on them. Hum, who knew? It was a long, tedious, and ongoing recovery. Two months nonweightbearing, one month where I can only stand, and only after that was I allowed to start walking again. Shockingly, I didn’t lose any stamina or muscle mass… Nope… That is a big fat lie! I got weak, and unsteady, so I am working on building up my Badonkadonk butt so that I can be a master walker!

What really inspired me to get back on here and blog is that I get to brag a little. Well, I brag all the time, but this one felt different. A nice looking lad hit on me! It has been ages since something like that has happened by someone who is not a total goofball :-). Not to be egotistical, vain, or narcissistic but I had kind of forgotten how flattering it was. Let me tell you, I tried to dress super professional for work, but going out on the weekends, or on my birthday, I had some pretty hot little numbers back in the day!

That leads us to talk about self image, most days I can look in the mirror and say “damn, I look pretty good today!” There are also plenty of days where is say “ehh, that will do.” But even on the days where I feel gorgeous, I haven’t really been hit on since the accident. Most women are actually overly generous with their compliments towards me, but the men don’t say anything or advert their eyes. To be honest, I haven’t thought much about it, or been bothered by it. But after yesterday, I realized that that part of my life had changed. I don’t usually view myself as disabled or handicapped, but I understand that individuals who have not met me that comes across as their first impression of me. They see crutches, a walker, or wheelchair, they see something different from themselves before they see me.

I was getting my hair done yesterday and I had a male stylist 🙂 He went to great lengths to ensure that I knew that he was straight. We chatted, as you do at the salon. He has spiky hair, big muscles, and some pretty killer tattoos. He spent extra time telling me that I would look beautiful with bangs and that he thought I looked stunning. No mention of my wheelchair for once, which was nice. As we’re finishing up he definitely made it a “can I see you again outside of work comment”.


My best go at a selfie after the hair cut

I politely declined, but I did promise to come back in eight weeks and we could talk about my bangs.



All of our lives are starting to move on in different directions, but I also want to let you know that my family is doing great. We are happy, healthy, and still so very appreciative of everything that you all have done for us.

Keep checking in, because I have some news about driving, work, boys, and certainly the progress that I have made! Get excited!

Keep on keeping on!




10 thoughts on “I know! Too long! But I’ve still got “it”

  1. Thanks for the fun update, Jessie! You indeed are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I am anxiously awaiting your next blog installments; keep ’em coming!

  2. It made my MONTH when I saw you yesterday! I must say, you were looking like a hottie! I’m not surprised you got hit on. Much love to you! I miss you…

  3. Dear Jessie, I am so very happy to hear all of your newsy news!! Everyday you are one of three very special people I think of as I choose to take the stairs (instead of the elevator) because I can, or choose to walk the 1/2 mile to the mailbox, because I can do many things without a thought or a struggle or a fight. As I climb, and walk I send you all, energy and strength for recovery.
    I have watched my brother recover from a stroke. A young 57, in a wheelchair, to now walking with a cane. My smart amazing brother struggling with talking and thought now back to work!
    Christopher, my handsome, strong man, son, FIGHT to recover from that damnable snowmobile accident that broke his neck and injured his brain. He too has recovered, painstakingly, come back from so far away. He returns to work teaching next week.
    You all are amazing. You have taught me so much. I bow to you in deep admiration and thank you.
    Behind those beautiful smiling, twinkling eyes of yours, there is a determined strong woman; a faith that is stronger, and a miracle of modern medicine. I share a little piece of what you have been through and it has been frightening and tested.
    Keep the posts coming!
    Know I am with you daily.
    Sending you strength, and Love, Cindy Valeri

  4. You go, girl!!! I would love to have my 31 yr old Bothell H.S., WWU grad meet you some day! He just got transferred to LosAngeles from FT. Lauderdale so he’s a little closer. Anyway, I am SURE there are lots of guys out there who would love to meet you. As Michael Buble sings in his song, “I just haven’t met you yet!” You will, once you get out more and more. BTW, invitation to EBRG is always open. :)… and your haircut is very cute!

  5. So good to hear from you again and know you are doing well. With your confidence back there will be plenty of guys after you!

  6. Great to follow along and see that you all are making significant progress. You are an inspiration to us all. Your progress has been our therapy.
    Thank you
    Chelan County Fire District 9 and Cascade Medical Center Paramedics and EMTs

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