Here are a couple of pictures from today. The kids were awesome!

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Media update from us!

I’m sure many of you may know that our family has been in the middle of some legal disputes with the State. I want to update you and let you know that we have settled the case against the State and feel an enormous sense of relief. imageOur time with our parents was too short, Mom and Dad’s moments walking on this earth were not enough days. Tying up this part of the tragedy has left us with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and respect towards all of those who have carried us on their shoulders during this time.

Today we held a local press conference with:
FOX 13

I’m not sure of the specifics but I would bet that you could get a peek at what we had to say during the local news tonight. If you’re lucky, you might even get a shot of me walking!

Thanks to our good friend Alexa Vaughn for writing such a wonderful article about us and imagebeing such a great friend of the family!

Seattle Times -Sept. 5.

Again, with every ounce of our souls we want to express thanks to our friends, family, strangers, and the media; all who have taken great care of us!

Keep on, keeping on!image