Happy Anniversary!!

Happy anniversary mama and dad!

32 years now!

Let me tell you a little story about a conversation I had with my mom just a couple months before the accident. I had recently been an ALL STAR in the dating game and had gone on dates with many different guys, but none of them seemed to fit quite right.


Mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner for our delicious Sunday night meal. She asked me what I wanted from a companion or spouse and I proceeded to list off a plethora of attributes that I deemed necessary for a possible partner in crime: funny, smart, athletic, scan0196likes his mama, good job, maybe musical, wants kids, house, gets along with my friends, must watch scan0009Sunday football, doesn’t eat too loud, and although I don’t remember all of them I do recall that there were a few extraneous and possibly over-the-top requests. 🙂

Mom paused, turned to look at me in the eye and tilted her head a little to the right. She said “You know Jess, I think if I had made a list and your dad had made a list that we would not have fit everything that we thought we wanted for ourselves. I imagine your dad would want a sporty little thing that wanted to go outside and play baseball, ride scan0202motorcycles, and dig in the dirt all day. My list may have included a professor of English that had season tickets to the symphony and we would play our instruments on the weekend!” I burst out laughing at this point because I knew she was right! My mom would’ve loved to sit at the piano and sing, and compose music with some perfectly nerdy type who would quote prose to her. She continued by saying “But I picked your dad because he was funny, so kind, and extremely dedicated. I watched him work through school, take care of his family, and patiently and passionately work. He made me feel good, accepted me exactly as I am, I knew he would be willing to work through things with me and not give up on anything. He was better, and is better than anything that I could’ve pictured for myself.”

That short conversation has stuck with me and has absolutely changed my view on love. I’m so glad to know that my parents loved each other deeply and strongly. They helped each other up when the water was rising, and cheered and encouraged each other when it was time to celebrate.031

Quite honestly, I miss them so, so, so much. I think about mom and dad daily. Hourly. I’m thankful for the time that I had with them, but I ache for the moments I want to share with them.

Days like today, are fun to celebrate because it reminds me, and all of us of the wonderful things that they brought to this world. Cheers to mom and dad!scan0153