A couple of ways you can help…

There is something you can do!  We want to gather a collection of pictures of all of you that we can hang up in Jess, Jaime and Steven’s rooms so that they can spend their days looking at the faces of people who love them. If you have a picture of you with one (or more than one) of them, you can send that…or you can just send a fun (maybe goofy) picture of yourself. Even if you don’t know them well or at all, we think that they would be encouraged just knowing that these are the faces of people who love them and are rooting for them. Here’s how to make this happen…email your pic to lovetheowens@gmail.com and put the name (or names) of which kid(s) you would like your picture to go to as the subject of the email. We will print them out and take care of the rest.

We also want you to know that some wonderful people in the community are putting together a candlelight vigil for the Owen family at Blyth Park in Bothell this Friday, December 28th at 6pm. Everyone is invited to come and pray together for the family.

Tim’s sister Anne arrived from the east coast last night and is spending tonight with Jess, Jaime and Steven at the hospital (as well as Steven’s dad Dennis who has been there around the clock). Jeremy spent some time at the hospital today and is back with his close friends tonight. He is has been very clear about wanting to stay with his friends during this time, and is showing such amazing strength and courage. As always, thank you for your love, well-wishes and prayers. We cannot say it enough!


13 thoughts on “A couple of ways you can help…

  1. Really praying and holding healing thoughts through the day and night for one of the wonderful Bothell families. Holding in our hearts they will heal and prevail through this test of faith and hope. Merry Christmas all…

  2. Thank you for letting us know about the picture idea and the gathering at the park! We will continue to light our prayer candles for Jessie and her family.

    • Yes, Thank you for letting us know Jesse and her family are progressing. Jesse and her family are in my constant thoughts and prayers. I’m sending off a card and pictures today.
      Renee Cullom (Nicholas)

  3. Thanks for all the updates! Merry Christmas to all the Owen kids! As we celebrate the birth of our king and the gift of life, we are celebrating your life as well!! Much love and prayers to all of you! Jolene, Jessica, Johnathon and Danielle Taylor

  4. We send our love and prayers to the Owen Familly. We are so encouraged to hear the good medical reports. We wish a Merry Christmas to the Owen Family, the Bellin Family and all of the people there supporting in their recovery. We will continue to pray for God’s healing upon the Owen family. God Bless. With Love and Prayers, Jim, Dee and Tayah Renfro.

  5. The entire NSD is praying, loving, cheering you all on. The challenge ahead is nothing compared to the strength of those lives you have touched….miracles happen, and we are happy to accept one on your behalf…in the meantime, prayers, love, strength coming your way.
    Kathleen Poole, Assistant Superintendent

  6. Jessie – we are sending love and prayers to you and your family. You are such an amazing young woman and we are blessed to have you in our lives. We love you, Jessie!

  7. The loss of Tim and Cheryl is a loss to all us who knew and loved them. To their family, please know we love you and care about you. Anytime, anywhere, you need only to reach out.
    Jim and Pat

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