10pm Update

Quick update tonight…

Jaime received another text from Mike Smith this morning. He has been incredibly gracious and continues to check in and let Jaime know that he’s thinking about her and he cares. Jaime is very appreciative of him! Unfortunately, she has had a bit of a setback in her healing process. Her right quad has had some recurring pain that seems to be getting worse rather than better, and there is a chance that her femur is not healing correctly. She will see her leg doctor on Valentine’s Day to have it reassessed. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Jaime and Steven will be interviewed on Wednesday by King 5 for a story about their love that will be running on Valentine’s Day! Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you after their interview on Wednesday afternoon.

Jessie had her first outing with her recreational therapist today. She was able to leave the hospital for the first time to go to the Seattle Aquarium. Jessie had mixed feelings about this experience. On one hand she said that she was excited to get out of the hospital and breathe some fresh air, but on the other hand it was challenging for her to be in public for the first time in her wheelchair. She struggled to accept the thought that her life may be in a wheelchair and she is looking forward to putting in the hard work to walk again. She was very grateful to have Aunt Terry and Kathy with her on this first outing.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and endless support!


Jessie at the aquarium!


6 thoughts on “10pm Update

  1. Some exciting things for the Owen kids and some of concern. I will be at Bible study tomorrow and plan to share updates on all of them. I will especially be praying for Jaime as she deals with leg and pain issues. And, I will sing praises that Jessie was able to get out today; she was very brave to tackle this first outting in her wheelchair — what a treat that she had her Aunt Terry and Kathy with her. Yes, how great it must have been to breathe fresh air outside the hospital. I will be watching for the KING 5 Valentine’s Day program that will have Jaime and Steven. I enjoyed seeing Jessie on KOMO last week and am still waiting for THE SEATTLE TIMES article! Blessings to all these great kids and to those of you who are taking such good care of them. Jessie’s gift to Jeremy for his birthday blew me away, and I am excited to share it with others. Love and hugs, Sharon Pakkala

  2. Jessie, you’re beautiful whether you are in or out of that chair. Just consider it your temporary chariot and when you get out, you will dance at the ball again. Continued love and hugs to all of you. Gwen

  3. You can do this Jessie!!! You are a brave, imaginative, strong loving lady!!! You own it!! Prayers daily. Jamie, praying for good news for you on valentines day. Hugs to you and Steven. Geri

  4. I’ve been following your story and am so happy you had this time outside of the hospital. My daughter Alicia is friends with Jeremy and spent time with him on her Christmas break. My family will continue saying prayers for you and your family. You all have made your parents proud! Take it one day at a time. Everything will be ok.

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